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Electrical Service

Jack Stone Lighting & Electrical provides general electrical services including disconnect switch installation, underground fault detection/repair and circuit extensions. We also provide emergency call service for your electrical emergencies.
  • Jack Stone Logo Icon New Circuit Installations
  • Jack Stone Logo Icon Lighting Fixture Installations
  • Jack Stone Logo Icon Directional Drilling
  • Jack Stone Logo IconSwitch / Dimmer Installation
  • Jack Stone Logo IconCode Deficiency Corrections
  • Jack Stone Logo IconDat / Com Installation
  • Jack Stone Logo IconReceptacle Installation
  • Jack Stone Logo IconEmergency Lighting Maintenance
  • Jack Stone Logo IconAppliance Installation
  • Jack Stone Logo IconMotion Sensing Solutions

  With any electrical problem that may come about, commonalties will often exist which makes the troubleshooting process easier to accomplish to a trained electrician. Our technicians are able to quickly narrow down a problem to expose the root cause of the failure so that we can spend more time on fixing the issue. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Jack Stone Logo Icon Panel and Circuit Breaker Replacement
  • Jack Stone Logo Icon Equipment Repair
  • Jack Stone Logo Icon Equipment Disconnect Repair / Replacement
  • Jack Stone Logo Icon Underground Fault Location
  • Jack Stone Logo Icon Control Gear Maintenance
  • Jack Stone Logo Icon Circuit Faults

  Buried utilities are a basic necessity of outdoor electrical systems, but also pose a major challenge to electricians who need to trace and troubleshoot such systems when they fail. Using superior tracing equipment, we can pinpoint faults in underground circuits to the exact location of the buried utility without the need of unnecessary exploratory digging. This saves our customers crucial down time so that we can repair the problem with a minimal footprint.

Jack Stone lighting & Electrical Services

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